Lakota Grammar Handbook 2nd Edition

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Together with the New Lakota Dictionary, this pedagogically oriented grammar textbook offers the most comprehensive documentation of the Lakota language to date, providing a self-study reference and practice guide for second language learners of Lakota, as well as a reference material for linguistic researchers, Lakota language teachers, and native speakers. Based on authentic narratives and dialogues recorded from hundreds of Lakota speakers, this book helps the learner gain a deeper understanding of how native speakers describe their worldview in terms of grammatical structures and cultural patterns.

The 2nd Edition contains substantial additions to the appendix and three new units covering simultaneous verb constructions.


I don't think I've ever read a better grammar of any North American language (the languages I care about). This is certainly an extraordinary document that should serve as a model for all others aiming to do the same kind of thing: documenting a language in its full richness and detail, but making it all accessible to motivated and sophisticated readers (not necessarily linguists) as well as linguists.
Marianne Mithun (University of California, Santa Barbara)

This is the most detailed and accurate grammar of Lakota ever, and will serve as a reference grammar and as a pedagogical grammar for a long time to come.
Willem de Reuse (University of Northern Texas)

This book is very helpful for us fluent speaking teachers. It gives detailed explanations and overviews of the sentence structures and conjugation patterns. It also reminds us of a lot of the traditional words that we used to hear from our grandparents when growing up. This brings back good memories and shows how rich our language is.
Thomas Red Bird (Lakota Immersion Nest, Standing Rock)


 New Copies of the Lakota Grammar Handbook 2nd Edition are not expected until spring 2024.


(41 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Lakota Grammar Handbook

    Posted by Carlo Vanhouten on May 4th 2023

    - a very handsome reference with a smooth lay-out and easy to handle.

  • 5
    Lakota grammar

    Posted by Nicoletta Zampriolo on Feb 27th 2023

    Un ottimo strumento anche per studenti principianti come me

    "A great tool even for beginner students like me!"

  • 5
    Very extensive and extremely encompassing study tool.

    Posted by Becky Young on Aug 22nd 2022

    This book is extremely comprehensive and professional study tool.

  • 4
    Lakota Grammar Handbook

    Posted by David Rachlin on Mar 14th 2022

    This is an extraordinary act of language education and clearly the best Indigenous language text anywhere. The idea of the two-page spread for one concept is excellent and the explanations are very good. I do feel, however, that an entire page of exercises is a bit too much. Instead of thousands of fill in the blanks, there should at least be sample dialogs of real-world Lakota, so the learner can see the grammatical structures in everyday speech.

  • 5
    I needed this book for Dakhóta Language online

    Posted by Lois Bear on Jan 31st 2022

    I will be using this book for my Dakhóta language online course

  • 5
    Lakota Grammar Handbook 2nd Ed.

    Posted by James Hopkins on Nov 30th 2021

    This grammar book is absolutely amazing. I wrote math and science curriculum for nine years with Addison Wesley Publishers in the 90's and this is nothing short of what we did for grades K-6. What a fantastic accomplishment for the Dakota people and the future generations of language speakers to come.

  • 4

    Posted by Kenneth Kallenbach on Nov 17th 2021

    The book is loaded with information. It is difficult to process but I’m sure will be very helpful in my study of the Lakota language.

  • 5
    Learning Support

    Posted by Luigi Moretti on Nov 1st 2021

    Wonderful Grammar Book, extra detailed, a lot of exercises and guides. Exceeding expectations.

  • 5
    Lakota Grammer Book

    Posted by Sarina DiMaso on Aug 5th 2021

    I am so happy to receive this book I didn't realize it was so large but I am so excited to start using it in our group study and continue to do these exercises that my teachers at Sitting Bull College and Lakota Language Consortium have taught me. I plan on continuing to learn and utilize all the tools I have been given so that one day I'm able to teach the language to youths who can then speak to elders. How beautiful that would be.