Lakȟótiya Wóglaka Po! - Speak Lakota! Level 4 Textbook

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The Level 4 Textbook is the latest and most advanced edition of the Speak Lakota! series. It reviews and builds on vocabulary from Levels 1-3, while expanding into more complex grammatical areas. The Level 4 is a departure from previous textbooks in that it is designed solely on communicative language principles. It helps the student not merely know the language through rote memorization of patterns, but also through encouraging a process of discovery that internalizes the languages into the student's active language framework.


The Level 4 Textbook will take you to many new places and help you reach your Lakota language goals!

•    10 colorful, well-designed Units - a full year of instruction.
•    Updated layout and artwork- even more engaging.

Many new activities based on traditional cultural themes. Including:

  • Horse Care, Horse Body Parts, Riding Gear, Colors of Horses
  • Hunting, Fishing and Camping, Pet Care
  • Vision Quest, Camping
  • Grandpa’s War   
  • And many more!

•   Promotes conversational Lakota using Communicative Language techniques.
•   Integrated listening exercises for use with L4 Audio CD (available separately).
Many new stories, games, comic pages, and a 1,258 word Glossary.
Great for adult self-study too!

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review