A Collection of Lakota Children's Songs, Vol. 2

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12 great new songs: 

1.  Iyonikphi heci nape glaskapa! - If You’re Happy and You Know It

2.  Igluptanptan Wachi - The Hokey Pokey

3.  Naphahunka, Tokhilala? - Where is Thumbkin?

4.  Nata, Hinyete, Chankpe, Si - Head, Shoulder, Knees, and Toes

5.  Cheyagthunpi Hinhpaye - London Bridge

6.  Nitha-anpetu Waste - Happy Birthday

7.  Chanthipi Wan, Chanmahel - Little Cabin in the Woods

8.  Wana Hinhanni - Morning Has Broken

9.   Nistinme...Hantans...Wiyahanblin kte lo - All the Pretty Little Horses

10. Ochile - I’m Looking for You

11. Amu, amu - Sleep Little Doll

12. Wanzi, Nunpa; Nuphin Manipi - One Two; Buckle my Shoe


Includes an 8-Page booklet with song lyrics- great for singing along and learning.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review